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NEET-PG To Be Held This Month, Question Papers To Be Prepped 2 Hours Prior

Key Highlights

  • Exam Date: The NEET-PG exam will take place this month.
  • Question Paper Preparation: Question papers will be prepared just 2 hours before the examination to ensure security.
  • Previous Postponement: The exam, originally scheduled for June 23, was postponed hours before its start due to alleged irregularities.


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Postgraduate (NEET-PG), critical for medical graduates aspiring to pursue postgraduate studies, is rescheduled to be conducted this month. This follows a postponement due to controversies surrounding the examination’s integrity.

Examination Details

Security Measures

To maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the examination process, the question papers will be finalized only 2 hours before the exam. This approach aims to minimize the risk of leaks and ensure a fair assessment for all candidates.

Examination Format

NEET-PG will follow the standard examination format, including multiple-choice questions covering various subjects pertinent to undergraduate medical education. The exam will be held at designated centers nationwide, adhering to strict security protocols.

Background and Issues

Postponement and Protests

The NEET-PG exam was initially scheduled for June 23 but was postponed just hours before its commencement due to allegations of irregularities, including leaked question papers for the undergraduate exam. This led to significant protests from students who had traveled long distances to sit for the exam.

Government’s Response

The government has committed to undertaking a thorough assessment of the NEET-PG processes, conducted by the National Board of Examinations. Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has tasked a committee to investigate the complaints and ensure the robustness of the examination process.

Political and Social Impact

The cancellation of the exam led to widespread public outcry and political backlash. The National Testing Agency (NTA), responsible for conducting the exam, faced severe criticism and scrutiny. The controversy over the NEET exam has escalated into a significant political issue, with various opposition parties targeting the ruling government.

Preparation Tips for Candidates

  1. Review the Syllabus: Ensure thorough understanding and revision of all subjects included in the NEET-PG syllabus.
  2. Practice Previous Papers: Solve past examination papers to get a feel of the question format and difficulty level.
  3. Time Management: Develop a strategy to manage time effectively during the examination.
  4. Stay Updated: Keep track of any official announcements or changes related to the examination.


The NEET-PG examination is a pivotal step for medical graduates aiming to specialize in their desired fields. With the question papers being prepared just 2 hours before the exam, the authorities aim to uphold the integrity and security of the process. Candidates are encouraged to focus on their preparation and stay informed about any updates regarding the examination.

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